The moment you’ve been waiting for..He popped the question!! Once you’ve got that ring on your finger you will feel a rush of excitement and true happiness however, you’re likely to feel overwhelmed. When the initial reactions have subsided, like other couples, you may feel ready to jump into the wedding planning process. This process can seem intimidating but.. You’ve got this!

We’ve prepared a small guide on what your next steps may look like if you’ve just said YES!

Enjoy That “Just Got Engaged” Feeling

Your soulmate has just got up off one knee, you’ve said YES, your feeling SO many emotions..Take it all in! You may feel like you HAVE to share this moment right away on your Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, you don’t! The emotions you and your partner are feeling together can not be reproduced. POP the champagne, live in the moment, share some PDA, soak it all in! Before you share the big news, enjoy your time together as a newly engaged couple.

Share The Big News!

There are no rules on how you and your partner share YOUR news! This is a big moment! Share your engagement the way you’ve always wanted to. If family and friends come first, now is the time to call or head home to show off your new bling. Next, it may be time for that “We just got engaged!!” post or selfie. Get ready for the best feeling when you finally get to share your exciting news and enjoy the feedback!

Start Simple

We’ll say it again! There are NO rules on how you and your partner decide to begin the wedding planning process. However, suggestions are helpful when your feeling anxious about where to start. After the big news is out you’ll want to start simple. Research, research, research! There are SO many great resources and planning tools out there!

We suggest laying out a few key details to start. Start with your wedding party, who you want to stand next to you on your big day. Beginning with choosing these important people will give you a great foundation to continue the rollercoaster that is wedding planning. After you’ve selected those special people, lean on them for some things! If you’re wanting to celebrate your engagement, have an important person in your wedding party begin to plan out your engagement celebration.

Timing is Everything!

Although it is not required that you choose your wedding date right off the bat, it is always helpful! Take some time with your partner and plan the timing, the wedding date is a great place to start. This is the easiest way to start off your planning, once you have a date secured the rest of your planning should become a bit easier.

The Fun Part!

Time to get inspired! Before your waist deep in venue visits, cake tastings, and vendor meetings, take this time to research and get some inspiration for your wedding. Make that Pinterest account! Read blogs, magazines, and follow those wedding inspiration Instagram accounts. Develop a solid foundation of styles and themes you and your partner like. This will make the further wedding planning easier in the long run! Enjoy the fun of getting inspired!


If you’re into engagement photos, take them! This is the time to show off your ring and the love you and your soulmate share. Before choosing a photographer to do your engagement photos, look at their portfolios and weigh your options. Reach out to some and get a quote for the session, some photographers may even offer a discount for your wedding day photos if you book an engagement session prior! Take the time to capture those sweet moments you can cherish forever.

Start Booking!

If you’ve picked your date, you can secure your venue and vendors. This won’t happen overnight! And REMEMBER there are no rules for YOUR special day, only suggestions. Explore all your options and enjoy the process. If you’ve been dreaming of certain vendors, take the time to reach out to them and set up a meeting. Doing so can help you dive into all the options each vendor offers and what is a “must-have” for your wedding day.

What We Do Best: Helping You Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

Although we can’t speak for other vendors, we can offer the best advice for finding your dream wedding dress. There is never a better time to start! We suggest booking your wedding dress ONE year before your wedding. This may seem like a shock, however, ordering a wedding dress usually takes up to 6 months! (Speaking for ourselves) You’ll also want to factor in about 2 months for alterations, as well as a 4 month turn around for accessories including veils, earrings, headpieces, and all the SPARKLING goods!

Now that you know the timeline, you can book your appointment with us! Our Facebook is always a great resource to look into making your appointment during a special event. Doing so can help you gain access to exclusive styles we may only have for a certain time and AMAZING incentives. We always have exciting events going on at DYF for brides who are searching for their dream dress!

DYF always recommends exploring our Pinterest account before coming in for your appointment. Just like making a general Pinterest board for wedding inspiration, you’ll want to do the same for your dream wedding dress. This does not mean if you pin a mermaid style dress, you HAVE to book a mermaid style dress! This just allows for a good foundation to begin your appointment and share some inspiration with your DYF bridal stylist.

Saying YES to The Dress

Once you’ve said YES to your dream wedding dress..the wait is on! We’ll call you as soon as your dress is delivered to us and we can set you up with an appointment to try it on for the first time! This is always the BEST time to choose the accessories you want to wear and get those checked off!

You’ve put on YOUR dress for the first time and decided what accessories you’ll be wearing! YAY! Now, about two months before the wedding you’ll want to have your alterations appointment booked. The alteration process can be about 2-3 appointments. During this time you’ll work with a seamstress to get your dress fitting 100% for your BIG day!

Enjoy the Craziness!

This whole process can be a whirlwind BUT at the end of it all you’ll be marrying your soulmate! Every moment, whether up or down will be worth it! Enjoy your engagement for now, lovebirds!