When it pertains to being a wedding guest, there can be some gray area.. How much should you spend on a wedding gift and what should you buy? What does black tie optional really mean? And, what on EARTH should you wear?! We are here to clear up some of your confusion! Check out these wedding wardrobe DO’S & DON’TS.

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  1. Don’t Wear White! Unless you are specifically asked to wear white, maybe it’s a themed wedding, don’t wear white! A traditional wedding will only feature the bride in a tone of white.

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2. Do wear a fun pop of color! Find an outfit in a beautiful color you don’t normally wear, to dress yourself up. Take advantage of the time of year as well, if it’s a spring/summer wedding definitely make use of warmer tones!

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3. Don’t wear animal print.

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4. Do wear a fun pattern. From experience, wearing a pattern dress to a wedding is always a good idea! You won’t outshine the bride, but you WILL receive compliments on your style.

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5. Don’t wear flip flops. Modern weddings often offer a wide range of flip flops in various sizes for you to change into for the dance floor. This is an awesome idea to relieve your guests feet of pain and to protect them from any broken glass or other harmful substance on the floor.

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6. Do wear a cute sandal or heel.

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7. Don’t show off your bra. Fashionable bra’s and bralettes are all the rage on the runway, in stores and on the streets, but they aren’t appropriate for wedding wear. One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing a cute dress or outfit at an event that is ruined with bra straps showing.

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8. Do find proper undergarments.

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9. Don’t wear your “comfy clothes.” Yoga pants, sweats, sweaters…big no-no.

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10. Do wear/bring a comfortable shawl or wrap to keep you warm.

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11. Don’t wear something too sexy.

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12. Do flatter your features. Wear something flattering and comfortable that you won’t be fussing with all night.

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13. Do NOT wear denim, no matter the wash or style.

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14. Do wear a fun jumpsuit if you feel more comfortable in pants.

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15. Don’t wear anything that might outshine the bride.

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16. Last but NOT least.. Do stick to the dress code.

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