PARIS by Debra Moreland is one of our accessory lines we carry here at DYF. Debra is most noteworthy for her uniqueness and creativity. Located in the US, her pieces are all specifically designed and manufactured with one artisan working on each piece. As a result of this, the quality of her accessories are impeccable. DYF is especially fortunate to host Debra and her assistants every February to work one on one accessorizing our brides for their special day.

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About the Designer

Debra Moreland, the creative director, founder and artistic eye behind the brand, is a visionary in the bridal acessory industry. Her years of endless inspiration designing two annual collections for PARIS is an inventive masterpiece.

Unlike other design companies, Debra creates all of her own original pieces. She and her staff of dedicated artisans work side by side to engineer and replicate those unique creations into collections. Debra inspires each collection with her interests in architecture, fine art, music, nature or vintage Hollywood. Therefore, as a result, all of her pieces combine to create an evolution in her design diary. Thousands of her designs are archived at the PARIS by Debra Moreland studio due to her immense body of work.

Besides her collections for PARIS, the designer has also creates private collections for several TOP bridal designers, such as Vera Wang, Lazaro, Anne Barge amongst others. Many celebrities have chosen Debra to design them one-of-a-kind pieces for their wedding or special event, including Lauren Conrad, Taylor Swift in addition to Connie Britton. Debra also designs pieces for The Reign on CW.

As future PARIS by Debra Moreland collections are introduced, Debra’s ever evolving vision will shed creative voice to groundbreaking ideas and authenticities to the unique personalities of women.

PARIS by Debra Moreland

The Creative Process

Debra Moreland lives her passion every day creating bridal accessories that celebrate great occasions that takes place in a woman’s life. For Debra, the creative process is an evolution. Every bride’s ornaments she has designed over the past 30 years have become the foundation for future new pieces.

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Unique touches – for example, these enameled flowers, are meticulously handcrafted and hand painted one at a time. The artisans use a vast palette of pale colors with finishes that range from glossy to distressed.

PARIS by Debra Moreland


Soldering, casting and sculpting are completed next. These all-time honored skills utilized by artists throughout history – allow the PARIS by Debra Moreland artisans to create ornaments with the highest standards and quality. Therefore, these pieces are intended as heirloom, so that the bride can hand them down for generations to come.

Artists at Work

PARIS by Debra Moreland only accepts artists with degrees in Fine Art into the apprenticeship program. Once apprentices complete the intensive program, they then earn the title of Master Artisan, which allows them to attach their name – formed into a signature charm – to each piece they create based on a PARIS prototype. For instance, some of our sample pieces in the shop contain a ballerina charm on the bottom side, this is the artisans “name.” The ornaments also incorporate an equally important symbol, the Fleur de Lis, which is the signature charm of the PARIS collection, showing the piece’s authenticity.

PARIS by Debra Moreland

Quality Control

Before the PARIS by Debra Moreland accessory is packaged and shipped, a comprehensive examination is completed on each piece under the attentive eye of quality a quality assurance expert. Each beautiful package also includes custom instructions on how to care for your ornament for years to come.


Check out some photos of our gorgeous PARIS brides from DYF.

Due to increased demand for her pieces, our PARIS by Debra Moreland Trunk Show held every February always books quickly. As a result, we start taking appointments as soon as we select a date for this fabulous weekend. Above all, we LOVE working with our DYF brides while learning from Debra and her team how to properly accessorize in addition to gaining the opportunity to viewing all of the extraordinary pieces in her collections.