It’s WEDDING Season already!! Have you already chosen your dress for your big day!? Then it is time to take your girls shopping for their bridesmaids dresses. Traditionally, everyone in your bridal party will wear the same gown, but we have more and more parties that will pull off different gowns. This idea is heavily on the rise! It can often be more accommodating to your girls, especially since every woman has a different body type that looks flattering in different ways. Follow this simple guideline to MASTER your mix and match bridal party look.

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Keeping a Consistent Color Palette

One of the most popular colors for bridesmaids dresses lately, is blush. To keep your blend of dresses on point, consider similar dress styles, perhaps varying in necklines. Consider giving your Maid of Honor and/or Matron of Honor an accessory to allow them to stand out from your party – for example, a jeweled belt.  If you have your eye on completely different dresses, maybe with different textures, prints and patterns, stay with similar hues to ensure your girls don’t look out of place. If you don’t want all of the same color, consider tones that blend together – Ivory, Blush & Sage Green or Champagne, Taupe and Cameo. Think about incorporating metallics as well, this will create an edgy and modern chic feel.


Select Similar Flowers & Accessories

When your bridesmaids dresses differ in style, color, or both, it is important to keep a cohesive eye on all the other details. One great way to do this is to keep their bouquets the same. In other words, one shouldn’t be carrying peonies, while the other is carrying daisies. You can make this decision when you meet with your florist. Bring fabric swatches with you of you and your bridal party, or just provide pictures which will also help you and your florist to set the tone of your big day. Be sure to inform your florist that they will be wearing different dresses, that way you can help to unify them by choosing the PERFECT bouquets.

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Give Your Girls Some Say & Stick with the Same Designer

Each of your bridesmaids has a different shape and size, which can often be complicated when choosing a uniform gown. The BEST part about the mix and match idea, is that it gives them freedom to wear something that will best suite them for your wedding and will allow them to feel most comfortable. If you all live closely, then we suggest taking a trip together so they can all try on the same day. Another idea is to create a Pinterest board of the look you want to achieve. Hint – stick with the same designer. That way you are almost guaranteed they will have the same make, color hues, ship date and quality.


Keep Hair & Makeup Cohesive

Since you have decided to go with different gowns for each of your girls, it is smart to stay on the same path with their hair and makeup. If you are paying for them to get beautified, this is an easy way to ensure that they will look the way you want! If you want a more natural look – wispy, wavy hair and natural makeup, then steer clear of smoky eyes and tightly pinned hair.


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